How to Redeem CallOfDuty Black Ops 4 Beta - CallofDuty Com Redeem

By Gavin | November 26, 2018

This is to show you guys how to redeem your call of duty black ops for beta, if you go if you pre-order on a pleasure store, Microsoft Store, or even on Steam, or whatever you get it from, and it's for Game Stop best bar, etc, then we'll give you a receipt. If you got it or if you had visual they will email it to you usually within a week of probably a day or a day before the beta is released. But if you do get it, they'll see you a coat anyone goes to, and once you see this website, I will link it in the search box down below as well once a website, it will bring you here pick whip-like whatever platform you're playing on.

I'm disappointed to switch it out on here, but that's just Nintendo, whatever platform going to pick, they will do this together. I have a redeem on, so I will be getting the Xbox vertical probably when I know puzzle, she gets it first up, I'm using my platform, I'm going to sign-in.

Actually I didn't have to log in, which is actually pretty crazy, so I'm going into my code, you're actually tries to the shape here, but this is already going to be redeemed by the time I see this, I'm going to submit it, black ops for private beta you receive a follow-up email to your college account email with your beta tugging closer to the start of the private beta. That's really how you do it usually, I don't know when's the date for the beta, the private beta because it would vision, it will be an open beta.